Paper Board Folding Packaging

Paper Board Folding Packaging For Any Product

Strong, hygienic customised paper packaging offers lightweight strength for baked, fresh or frozen food and beverages, cosmetics, healthcare, pet care and household goods in your choice of size, colour and shape. Supplied flat, easy to store, custom printed paperboard packaging and folding cartons continue marketing your product.
  • Bottle Wobblers
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Wedding Favours
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Six Pack Beer Carry Cartons
  • Wedding Cake Slice Boxes
  • Pop Corn Boxes
  • Hangsell
  • Coffee Cup Sleeves
  • Packaging

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Custom Folding Cartons And Packaging Solutions

Lightweight, strong and now easy to procure in whatever size, colour and shape you need! Cartons and trays are perfect for cakes and baked goods. Food sleeves are ideal for fresh or frozen food retail and wholesale because they only partly cover your product so your customers can see what they’re getting.

PRODUCT SLEEVES AND LABELS: Partially cover your product so consumers can see what they’re getting! Ideal for fresh or frozen food, retail and wholesale.
TRAYS AND BOXES: Folding cartons and trays are perfect for? You guessed it! Cakes and baked goods. Of course!
BREAD AND CAKE BAGS: For minimum contact and hygienic delivery and storage, printed paper bags market your product before and after sale.
EASY TO STORE PACKAGING: Supplied flat so they don’t take up much room until you need them.

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