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One Way Vision Window Film

We’ve just completed a big run of One Way Vision Perforated Window Decals for Hyway Truck Accerssories, the largest truck accessories company in Australia.

Where Graphic Arts Meets Science

Also known as one way vision vinyl, perforated vinyl or one way vision decal, the image side of One Way Vision looks solid from the exterior and makes it very difficult to see in, but from the interior, you think you’re looking out through window tinting. Magic!

One Way Vision graphics view from inside

How is the magic achieved?

Perforated Film + Ink + Light

This clever media consists of white vinyl on the print side and black adhesive on the other side. The material comes pre-punched with tiny holes that allow light through, but don’t detract from the full effect of printed graphics.

Perforated vinyl
Close up of One Way Vision film
Perforated film close up from inside

Along with privacy, the extra layer of vinyl film offers shielding from soaring summer heat, and insulation from heat loss in winter. It’s similar to window tinting in that regard as well, making life more comfortable, and reducing cooling and heating costs.

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