« | 7th June 2018

We’ve had a change!

We decided it was time to get a new website. We wanted something colourful and easy to use. Nothing complicated as long it provided our information simply and beautifully, and we think we’ve created just that! Well, we didn’t actually create it. We supplied most of the content to the lovely people at Intervision Design who crafted this vibrant new website. We really love our make over. Thank you, Lorna!

The folks at Intervision Design also developed our handsome new logo, and we think the combination of that swirling olde worlde ampersand together with the modern, open typography of our name, evokes our past and embodies our present splendidly! Thank you, Jason!

You might notice some colourful stock images feature on our website. On the surface they perhaps seem to have nothing at all to do with printing. Except that they’re images and we can print them all! As signs, posters, brochures, cards, covers… however you’d like us to print them, we can do it. Accurately, expertly, in full, vivid colour! Or not. We can do one colour. Black on white if you prefer. It’s not a problem because we’re custom print specialists!

Gowans Print Commercial Print Specialist since 1932

Gowans & Son Pty Ltd
Unit 1, 52 Alfred Road
Chipping Norton NSW Australia 2170
Telephone: (02) 9755 3545
Email: sales@gowansprint.com
Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Closed weekends and public holidays.