« | 15th January 2020

Welcome 2020

Light and Hope

As we begin the new year and a new decade, our thoughts are with those who have lost so much in the New South Wales, and nation wide, bush fires. They have taken a great toll and countless animals have sadly fallen victim. We want to acknowledge the bravery of the volunteers in the NSW Rural Fire Service. What an amazing job they have done and continue to do. The courage it takes is beyond imagining. We are thankful for their service.

Despite the terrible start to 2020, light and hope WILL win over darkness and despair. Homes WILL be rebuilt, the bush WILL regenerate, the animals WILL return, life WILL go on, communities WILL come back stronger than before.

Support the Helpers

When there’s a need, Aussie’s always rise to the occasion. We know it’s important to support one another other in any way we can and there aren’t many Australians who haven’t already taken action. This short list is just in case you’d like to do more:

  1. Supporting the NSW Rural Fire Service, or your local fire service, will help our Firies.
  2. Donating to WIRES will support Australia’s wildlife.
  3. Giving to the Salvos will support families affected by the fires.
  4. Food and goods given to Food Bank will be distributed to those who need it most.
  5. Supporting Lifeline will help those traumatised by the fires.

Never lose hope. Better days are coming.

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