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90 Years in Print

The Year 1932 was Quite Momentous

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened on March 19th; The Australian Broadcasting Commission (the ABC) was officially launched on July 1st; and H.C. Gowans Master Printer commenced business at 286 Sussex Street Sydney New South Wales.

Following a period of 16 years, Henry Charles Gowans took on a partner, John James Giltrow, in 1948, operating under the firm, Gowans & Giltrow.  The partnership with Jack was dissolved in 1953. Harry continued using the business name until 1957 when a new partnership was created between himself and his youngst son, David James. The new company, Gowans & Son, moved to 17 Rosedale Ave Greenacre that same year.

“Prompt and Courteous Service Always”

Typical example of a newspaper printed by Gowans & Giltrow

Typical leaflet printed by the company in the Nineteen Forties and  Fifties

The Courier was another weekly newspaper which appears to have begun publication circa 1947, though copies of early issues have not survived. It was established, according to Bennett, by Frederick George Carden of Springwood and it is his name that appears on the earliest issue extant (16 September 1948, Vol.2, No.29). The paper was printed in Sydney by Gowans & Giltrow.

Continuous Family Hands for 90 Years

Greenacre Factory 1957 – 1995

Harry retired in the 1960s leaving the running of the Greenacre business to his son, David.

Magazines from 1958 and from 1979

Typical magazines from 1958 and 1979.

Printed magazine typical of the pre digital era

Text pages typical of the mid 20th century

David was delighted to have all his five children work in the business upon each one leaving school.

Photo taken at the Greenacre factory

The son and his daughters

1986 Article in the SELCLARION, a print magazine of the time, issued by Selgison and Claire

1986 Article in the SELCLARION, a print magazine of the time, issued by Selgison and Claire. Note they couldn’t get our name right.

Close up of photo above. From Left: David Snr, Chad, David Jnr, Sales Rep, Andrew, Sales rep

David Snr retired in 1990, leaving Gowans & Son in the capable hands of his three sons.

Chipping Norton Factory 1995….

In 1995 the boys moved the business to the present larger site in Alfred Road Chipping Norton.

One of the printing presses at Gowans & Son. It's big.

Targets printed in Chipping Norton Sydney. shipped Australia wide

Crocodile Board covered docket books

Targets shipped Australia wide

We’re still in family hands

… and still offering prompt and courteous service, always!

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