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Proudly Printed In Australia

Yes Please!

We support the Print and Visual Communication Association of Australia’s initiative to raise the profile of printing in Australia through their ‘Print Australia” campaign.

As part of this drive the PVCA have kindly and very generously allowed the use of the “Proudly Printed in Australia” logo free of charge for all in the Australian visual communications sector. That’s us! And by extension you, our customers.
Australian owned family printing business


“Proudly printed in Australia” is part of the “voice of our industry” message, empowering our industry to raise the profile and value of print to the consumer. As our economy moves into recovery from Covid19 impact, many Australian consumers are looking for Australian product. This artwork, which will distinguish your print for consumers, is free to use for all designers, publishers, printers and packagers in Australia. Andrew Macaulay, CEO PVCA

We encourage all our customers to avail themselves of this industry owned logo. It would be our pleasure to include it on any future printing, no matter how discreetly, so that your customers can see at first, or second, glance that you proudly support an Aussie printer and Aussie jobs!


Printed and diecut tags proudly printed in Chipping Norton Sydney Australia

Australian made Australian Made Tags! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!


To initiate your own Proudly Printed in Australia product, hit us up here!
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